Friday, January 20, 2006


Guide Boat -
$2,500.00 or B/O
2003 Lake Raider Custom Fitted for Fly Fishing
20hp Mercury JET. Never loose a prop or a fish in skinny water.
Front casting deck
Anchor system
Stowaway compartment for storage
Oars & oar locks
30lb thrust trolling motor
1 ½ year warranty left on the Motor
The perfect boat for the Cumberland River & all shallow water.

To prove its value we’ll throw in a guided trip on the Cumberland River in Kentucky
Guaranteed to catch Fish!
For More Pictures of the boat, please contact the shop.
(859) 342-7700
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lake Erie Steelhead

Despite the typical but finicky water conditions our staff, guides and clients have been able to satisfy their urge for hooking into to numerous Erie Steelhead through the December and the first part of January. Its been a pretty mild Winter so far and this has kept a significant amount of slush and ice off the local tribs. We are already replenishing our Steelhead flies and gearing up for a busy Spring on the water. If you think you’d like to take a guided trip for these incredible fish don’t hesitate, Spring tends to fill up quick, especially when we get hints of warm weather. Keep a look out for our Early Spring Seminars and get togethers at the shop. We’ll be sharing techniques and patterns to help you increase you success on these awesome waters.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Thanks for the Christmas Email

Thanks for the Christmas e-mail.

I wanted to let you know the fishing at the Dix is still awesome. The water remains low while they still repair/upgrade a generator. Nick Regering and I went up last Tuesday December 27. The trout were crushing red and cream colored nymphs - 70+ fish between the two of us - my best day ever.

Jeremy P. Reed

Scott Sanchez at Fly & Shot Outfitters March 17 - 18, 2006

Be sure to mark your calendars for the opportunity of a lifetime to meet, chat with and learn from one of the top figures in fly fishing today.

Events include a private meet and greet for local fly fishing club members (Friday Night), a private fly-tying seminar (Saturday Morning) and a public meet and greet including a book signing (Saturday Afternoon).

Space is limited for the Friday Evening and Saturday Morning sessions, so be sure to sign up early.

Click Here For More Information

What's In Your Bag?

In My Duck Blind Bag

The two most important things in my blind bag are my duck calls and shells. I also like to carry a lightweight headlamp that allows me to keep both hands free for paddling or running the outboard motor. I usually carry a spare light or batteries. Some other things that can be found in there are a head net for face concealment, an extra pair of gloves in case the first pair get wet (which they usually do) and a small first aid kit. Depending on how long I am going to stay out, there will be some nourishment for during the hunt in the bag. If I am only going to be out for the morning, I usually pack a granola bar and a bottle of water. Ear plugs and shooting glasses are a must and usually tucked in a side pocket with my calls. Lastly, if there is room, I usually bring along my digital camera to capture some pictures in the field like the one below.

Kevin Hood
Pineville, Louisiana

What's In Your Bag?

In My Upland Bag

Most of what I carry in my upland bag is useful for my dog. I have my electronic collar, along with beeper attached, and their plugs for recharging back at the cabin. A 30 foot lead, to use when I do not want the dog to run off before I am ready to hit the fields, I just tie him to the trailer hitch. I have a couple of brushes to get those nasty burs out of his hair, a pair of forceps to pull out any thorns or porcupine quills, and some eye drops to wash out his eyes. For my self, I carry extra gloves, ear plugs, and my shooting glasses. To care for my gun I keep a gun bore, choke tubes, and a cleaning rag. In my side pockets I have my bird sheers, extra knifes and a first aid kit for both the dog and humans. I have a couple of small tools in the back of the bag to use as needed. When going on a short trip, and if I have room, I will carry some shells in the bag as well. Those are just some tips for what is in my bag, after some time in the field you’ll find what works in yours.

Jeff Rhinock
Cincinnati, OH