Friday, December 07, 2007

Fishing the Cattaraugus & Elk Creek

Fishing The "CATT", New York
Fishing Elk Creek, Erie, PA

Once again, I found myself fishing alone. My second best friend, Bobby Gray, who only fishes in temperatures well above 90 degrees, sadly, could not make the trip. I arrived Sunday, December 2, 2007, mid afternoon. The following day (Monday) turned out to be quite a disappointment when the "CATT" was flowing at 7,000 CFS, due to a down pour the previous evening (Sunday). I was left with the only other highlight of my day, watching a marathon of the "Andy Griffith Show".

The next morning (Tuesday) I found myself driving to Erie, PA, to fish the "Elk Creek" at Foley's camp ground. I was on the water early, 8:00 am. Temperature was 26 degrees. I had 4 hook ups in the 45 minutes I was there. The water was high and green....Perfect! I used egg patterns (yellow #12) and white streamers (white sucker bitch #10). Saving money, there was no need to use Fluorocarbon tippet. By noon, I ended up at the legion hole and had the entire creek to myself, reeling in fish upon fish all the way to the Boy Scout camp. By 4:00 pm, my guides were icing up every 10 minutes and my reel was a block of ice. Every hook up I had to pull my line out to ensure my drag would work. Other than the icing up and the cold temperatures, unlike my friend "Bobby warm weather", the fishing was HOT!

If you plan a trip soon, pay close attention to the flow charts and weather. Don't let anyone tell you that the run is over or there are no fish in the hole. Follow your instincts.

P.S. Make every cast "feel" as if it is the one. It helps when temperatures are at 26 degrees.

Posted by Kevin Stratton (A.K.A Mr. Deer Park)

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