Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Beginner Fly Tying Classes

Beginner Fly Tying Classes
How many times have you told yourself, I need to tie my own flies.
Well, now’s the time.
Fly and Shot Outfitters will be conducting a beginners’ fly tying class this Fall.
This will be a 3 week class. You will learn how to get started tying your own flies for
Bass, Panfish, and Trout.
Great for Men, Women & Children. All tools and materials will be provided at a cost of $15.
The class will start on Saturday November 19th along with December 2nd and December 9th.
This class has limited space so don’t wait long.
Call or E-mail the shop for details. Ask for Bobby.

Fall Trip - Weekend in the Smoky Mountains

Join Fly And Shot Outfitters on a weekend trout fishing trip to the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina.
We’ll leave November 3 from the shop at 5:30pm and return on Sunday the 5th .
Fish for Rainbow, Brook, and Brown Trout. Space is limited.
If you are interested please call 859-342-7700 and talk to Bobby for more details.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Fly & Shot Annual Carp e’ Diem Tournament.

Fly & Shot Outfitters
Carp e’ Diem Tournament.

Sponsored by Scott Fly Rods, Rio Fly Lines, Fishpond, Ross Reels, Umpqua Feather Merchants, and Reel in the Outdoors Radio and TV.

It’s back again, the Fly & Shot carp tourney.
We expect last years winner to try and defend their title and a large group of first timers to take it away.

The conditions are the same as last year.
2 – per boat/ $50 Entry Fee includes annual T-shirt.
Prize Money for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers - 1st/60%, 2nd/30%, 3rd/10%.
Prizes for the single largest fish by weight and for the lowest total by weight.

Boats leave the ramp at 8:00am and weigh in is at 3:00pm sharp.
There is a 2 fish limit, highest weight in pounds wins. Fish must be alive.
No live or organic bait, artificial flies only.

September 10th, 2006

Sign up at the Fly & Shot website or by phone.
info@flyandshot.com p.859-342-7700

Dave Whitlock

Dave Whitlock and Emily Whitlock
at Fly and Shot Outfitters
Sunday August 13th 12-5pm
Everyone is Welcome for the Meet and Greet and Book Signing.
Talk to Fellow Fly Fishers, Ask Questions and Watch Dave Tye His Favorite Patterns.
Call Ahead to Guarantee Yourself a Signed Copy of One of Dave's Books

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fathers Day

Tell the wife tell the kids, Fly and Shot is the Place to Gather your gifts for Fathers Day. We got just received another order of Umpqua Warmwater flies, they're going faster than lemonade ona hot August day. We also just re-stocked our Fishpond gear, the Coyote Fly Tying Bag, the Blue River Chest Pack and the San Juan Vertical Chest Pack have been the best selling items recently. Don't forget about the Guided Trips, we'll make your summer if you take a trip with us. Check the Online Store for all the Specials or click on the Guided Trips page on the web and book a trip while there's still open dates. We are filling up surprising fast this year. Happy Fathers Day all you Dads. Fish On

Dix River Kentucky

Dix River 6-10-06.
excellent weather, sunny 70 degrees, partly cloudy skies. Got to the river about 8:00 am, casting shortly after. Covered some basics on nymph fishing with a couple of clients, its always very important for the guide and the client to feel comfortable with the technique. It makes for a very successful day for all. Mainly fished small sz 18 black zebra midges on 6x tippet. Hooked the first fish after a few drifts, a brightly colored Dix River rainbow. Moved out of the first pool after 8-10 fish and motored up to the Dam to start our drift. Made several drifts down stream and picked up fish on each drift . Around 2:00 pm, mid afternoon or so, fish started rising to small emergers, figuring this wouldn't last long we tied on a small black beetle with rubber legs and I am glad those fish could not tell the difference. Had a great trip a usual on the Dix.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Online Fly Shop Grand Opening

It finally here, THE FLY & SHOT ONLINE STORE. It's been alot of work but certainly worth it. Thanks to the folks who placed orders on the first day we went online, that was great to see. Remember to sign up on the mailing list to receive special discounts, sales and promotions on fly fishing eguipment. For a limited time click the link above to great deals on all your fly fishing equipment. This is only for a limited time so act now while you can save some bucks and gear up for the Summer. More products will be added weekly so keep checking back.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Carp On The Fly

Did a little recon on the carp over in Indiana on Memorial Day. Figured I'd be fishing for smallies with a crayfish pattern or largemouth with a streamer and I was wrong. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were a large number of cruising carp in the main bodies of the lake inlets. There were a lot in the shallows as well (still spawning) but also a surprising number cruising around.

Water was pretty clear to about 3' of depth. Skies were blue with a little breeze to keep it comfortable but not enough of one to affect the casting. The weather and conditions were perfect.

I wasn't expecting to see many fish when I put the boat in the water but I was wrong. Unfortunately I figured I would rig my rod up in the boat and because of that saw about a dozen cruisers I couldn't make a cast to. The first fish I cast to was about 30' or so. I led him about 18" waited a second or two and and gave a couple 2-3" strips. That was all it took, the fight was on. Boated and released and went to next victim. Caught a few more before the wind really picked up which makes it real difficult to pick up cruising fish before they're on top of you.

The fish weren't as aggressive as mid to late summer, made some dead on casts with no response but that will change over the next few or so. All in all had a great day.

Check out the Fly Tying Bench for the "Gray White", if you not a tyer we stock them in the shop.

The next few weeks are going will be increasingly better.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cumberland River, Kentucky

Ran a guide trip Sunday. Mike and Ryan Faulhaber. Weather was perfect. Sarted out at about 7:00am, 50-55 degrees, no fog, blue skies. Put the boat in at the house and ran upstream about 5 miles. Not another sole around. Started the drift down stream, wacked a few fish early on with a Black uni-midge. Sun peaked over the hills about 10:00am the water warmed a bit and the Caddis started emerging. Fished a caddis a bit, little luck, that's the thing about the Cumberland, midges, midges, and more midges. The generation was just right, a few pulses from time to time kept the fish active. Both Mike and Ryan caught a bunch of fish, more rainbows than browns. Mike said he held back a little so his son Ryan could land a few fish, Ryan said he did the same, we'll never know. The one thing I do know is that they caught a ton of fish. This an incredible river, if you haven't fished it, you need to, you won't be dissapointed.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Nantahala River, North Carolina

The Spring North Carolina trip was a success once again. We spent 3 days on the Nantahala River Southwest of Bryson City, NC.

The weather couln't have been any better, the best we've ever had. Mid to high 60's during the day and lows in the mid 40's. Had a little rain but most was in the late evening or at night. Not enough to effect the fishing.

We shacked up in the same cabin as in the past. It's a great place for a small or large group. If you stay there tell them Fly and Shot sent you. Like usual the Nantahala has an incredible number of fish and everyone on the trip had daily trifectas of Brookies, Rainbows and Browns.
There were plenty of insects coming off the water throughout the day with the most prolific being during the evening hours until dark. Stones, Sulfurs, Caddis, BWO's were some of the flyers.

Midges were the mainstay for the biggest fish, size 18 tan and gray. Look at the fly tying bench section on the website for step by step instructons on tying these midges. These are also great flies for a few of our local rivers; the Cumberland River and the Dix River, Kentucky and Brookville Tailwater, Indiana.

Streamers were also effective in hooking some nice fish. Olive and White were the colors of choice.

Anyone who hasn't made it to the Nantahala is missing out. If you need directions or suggestions on flies and gear come in or call the shop. The Nantahala Outdoor Center is a great place to stay or visit while fishing the Nantahala. They offer numerous accomodations from camping to full amenity mountain cabins. There is a really cool atmosphere to the NOC area that makes it a great place to be. It kind of feels like a small ski village but with summer sports. You can do a float trip or ride mountain bikes and horses around the local mountain trails.

If you do go there are also many other fishing opportunities in the immediate surrounding area. Check out Bryson City

Whatever you do you'll have a great time visiting this area.

Cumberland River, Kentucky

Johnny Cole of the famous Comet Bluegrass All Stars lands a nice brown.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Guide Boat -
$2,500.00 or B/O
2003 Lake Raider Custom Fitted for Fly Fishing
20hp Mercury JET. Never loose a prop or a fish in skinny water.
Front casting deck
Anchor system
Stowaway compartment for storage
Oars & oar locks
30lb thrust trolling motor
1 ½ year warranty left on the Motor
The perfect boat for the Cumberland River & all shallow water.

To prove its value we’ll throw in a guided trip on the Cumberland River in Kentucky
Guaranteed to catch Fish!
For More Pictures of the boat, please contact the shop.
(859) 342-7700
Ask or e-mail Bobby

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lake Erie Steelhead

Despite the typical but finicky water conditions our staff, guides and clients have been able to satisfy their urge for hooking into to numerous Erie Steelhead through the December and the first part of January. Its been a pretty mild Winter so far and this has kept a significant amount of slush and ice off the local tribs. We are already replenishing our Steelhead flies and gearing up for a busy Spring on the water. If you think you’d like to take a guided trip for these incredible fish don’t hesitate, Spring tends to fill up quick, especially when we get hints of warm weather. Keep a look out for our Early Spring Seminars and get togethers at the shop. We’ll be sharing techniques and patterns to help you increase you success on these awesome waters.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Thanks for the Christmas Email

Thanks for the Christmas e-mail.

I wanted to let you know the fishing at the Dix is still awesome. The water remains low while they still repair/upgrade a generator. Nick Regering and I went up last Tuesday December 27. The trout were crushing red and cream colored nymphs - 70+ fish between the two of us - my best day ever.

Jeremy P. Reed

Scott Sanchez at Fly & Shot Outfitters March 17 - 18, 2006

Be sure to mark your calendars for the opportunity of a lifetime to meet, chat with and learn from one of the top figures in fly fishing today.

Events include a private meet and greet for local fly fishing club members (Friday Night), a private fly-tying seminar (Saturday Morning) and a public meet and greet including a book signing (Saturday Afternoon).

Space is limited for the Friday Evening and Saturday Morning sessions, so be sure to sign up early.

Click Here For More Information

What's In Your Bag?

In My Duck Blind Bag

The two most important things in my blind bag are my duck calls and shells. I also like to carry a lightweight headlamp that allows me to keep both hands free for paddling or running the outboard motor. I usually carry a spare light or batteries. Some other things that can be found in there are a head net for face concealment, an extra pair of gloves in case the first pair get wet (which they usually do) and a small first aid kit. Depending on how long I am going to stay out, there will be some nourishment for during the hunt in the bag. If I am only going to be out for the morning, I usually pack a granola bar and a bottle of water. Ear plugs and shooting glasses are a must and usually tucked in a side pocket with my calls. Lastly, if there is room, I usually bring along my digital camera to capture some pictures in the field like the one below.

Kevin Hood
Pineville, Louisiana

What's In Your Bag?

In My Upland Bag

Most of what I carry in my upland bag is useful for my dog. I have my electronic collar, along with beeper attached, and their plugs for recharging back at the cabin. A 30 foot lead, to use when I do not want the dog to run off before I am ready to hit the fields, I just tie him to the trailer hitch. I have a couple of brushes to get those nasty burs out of his hair, a pair of forceps to pull out any thorns or porcupine quills, and some eye drops to wash out his eyes. For my self, I carry extra gloves, ear plugs, and my shooting glasses. To care for my gun I keep a gun bore, choke tubes, and a cleaning rag. In my side pockets I have my bird sheers, extra knifes and a first aid kit for both the dog and humans. I have a couple of small tools in the back of the bag to use as needed. When going on a short trip, and if I have room, I will carry some shells in the bag as well. Those are just some tips for what is in my bag, after some time in the field you’ll find what works in yours.

Jeff Rhinock
Cincinnati, OH